[since 1865] Organic sake "Wa no Tsuki" and plum liquor is TSUKINOI-SYUZO


[All ingredients are organic] sake brewed organic plum wine (500 ml)

Product code : 2103050

2,830 yen (tax included)

Were charged with organic farming rice sake "Wa no Tsuki" organic plum plum wine, organic certified.
None drew the plum extract just the sweetness of sake rice in sugars and additives at all do not use sweetened and additive-free plum.
Not sweet in a fresh flavor, perfectly in your diet! It is, men and women both highly popular and timeless delicious plum wine.
Is a little bit strong acidity, body toughness instead feel the tenderness of the organic soak.

[ Recommended way to drink ]

Cooling : very good
Normal temperature : very good
On the rocks : very good

[ For more information ]
[How] liqueur
[Containers & capacity] 500 ml
[Alcohol] 10.8
[Japanese sake degree] -6
[Acidity] 20.9
[Amino acid level] 1.3

[ Staff testimonials ]
Body made with "Wa no Tsuki" filled with enthusiasm for the President is a nice Sweet Plum.
Iced coffee to drink at your choice to add sweetness in your delicious breakfast. (Maple syrup, rice syrup is recommended)
As sweet as delicious, enjoy various flavours.


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