[since 1865] Organic sake "Wa no Tsuki" and plum liquor is TSUKINOI-SYUZO


Ginjo sake from the "Red Snapper" (720 ml)

Product code : 1608072

1,782 yen (tax included)

A ginjo sake seems to be outspoken on taste clear soothing throat.
Picture of bright blue bottle, depicting Mr. Kataoka tsurutaro Snapper is impressive.

[ Recommended way to drink ]

Cooling:very good
Normal temperature:very good
Lukewarm Sake:good

[ For more information ]
[How] ginjo
[Container-capacity] 720 ml
[Alcohol] 15.5
[Use rice] Miyama nishiki
[Polishing ratio] 55
[Japanese sake degree] 3.5
[Acidity] 1.3
[Amino acid level] 1.1
[Taste] Aqua clean

[ Staff testimonials ]
Dry and refreshing taste, along with wholesale colorful, "Red Snapper" label all Halle, to further refine, has been very pleasing gifts such as.


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