[since 1865] Organic sake "Wa no Tsuki" and plum liquor is TSUKINOI-SYUZO


[Organic sake] junmai sake Japanese special organic rice, Wa no Tsuki 60 burning (720 ml)

Product code : 1403072

2,484 yen (tax included)

Obsessed with organic production organic JAS certified sake rice Miyama nishiki rice to bottling, to the Museum.
The gem of the whole body filled with "safe" current shopkeeper killed in gun the predecessor of her husband's wishes.
A bright crisp & dry clean taste, easy to drink.
This is a certified organic body-friendly alcohol.

[ Recommended way to drink ]

Cooling:very : good
Normal temperature : very good
Lukewarm Sake : very good

[ For more information ]
[How] Special junmaishu
[Container-capacity] 720 ml
[Alcohol] 15.8
[Use rice] organic rice Miyama nishiki
[Polishing ratio] 60
[Japanese sake degree] 3.5
[Acidity] 1.8
[Amino acid level] 1.3
[Taste] somewhat pale clean

[ Staff testimonials ]
Lukewarm Sake is recommended.
Rice flavor seeps can enjoy tender and flavorful I can't believe my place


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